Thank you for your interest in my Congressional campaign. It has never been more important than now to get involved. As a nation, we are facing unprecedented challenges and politicians seem more interested in scoring political points than doing what is right for South Dakota and the country. I think we all agree that South Dakotans want compromise, commonsense solutions and public servants who actually serve. We don’t need a representative who is part of the problem: We need solutions. We don't need our government shut down or politicians who are willing, even eager, to damage our economy and our credibility abroad in order to make a moot point. We have had enough dysfunction: We need a farm bill. We don’t need obstruction: We need leadership that understands the everyday struggles of middle class families who face rising costs and stagnant wages. It’s time that your representative put the good people of South Dakota and of our country first.

I believe I am the public servant who can best serve your interests. Born and raised in Rapid City and a third generation South Dakotan, at 17 and right out of high school, I joined the Army and worked my way up to Sergeant First Class. Then at the urging of my superiors, I attended Officer Candidate School and was commissioned an officer in the Military Police Corps. Immediately after 9/11 my command responsibilities included the paratroopers who provided Pentagon security. Soon after that, I answered the call to go to war in Iraq while my sons responsibly transitioned through high school to college. I retired after 25 years in the Army, but my public service continued. Upon returning to Washington, DC, I led the Anti-Terrorism Force Protection Directorate, Pentagon Force Protection Agency, and was responsible for helping safeguard the Pentagon, and other Federal offices in the DC Metro Area. As part of the Civilian Expeditionary Workforce program, I again accepted assignment with the office of the Commander, United States Forces-Iraq. Working at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, I was privileged to work with many congressional delegations, assist in Department of Defense communications with Congressional members, and supported negotiations between Iraqi and international diplomats.

I have a proven record of results-oriented public service and know that together we can make a difference. There is much to do if we truly want to send a message about the least productive Congress in history. Please join our campaign and sign up to receive updates. Help share our message with your friends and neighbors on Facebook and Twitter. It will take a broad commitment of time and resources to give South Dakotans the effective representation that we deserve, so please consider making a donation or volunteering your time. You can donate securely online or mail a check to:

Corinna for South Dakota 

P.O. Box 3432 

Rapid City, SD 57709

With your help, we can win this one!

Thank you,