On the Issues

Creating Jobs for South Dakota is a Priority

I’ve had the honor of spending most of my life serving our great country in uniform, including in combat. While that’s a non-traditional way of earning a paycheck by some accounts, it’s taught me that freedom comes in many forms – and they are all important. The ability to put food on the table and a roof over your family is central to who we are as a nation. And right now the politicians in Washington are going into yet another year of putting politics before people – fighting among themselves, fighting to see who can get to the TV cameras first, fighting about who fights better – rather than actually focusing on create more good jobs with good benefits.

That’s why as our next member of Congress I’ll make creating jobs for South Dakota a priority. I’ll support small businesses by helping to level the playing field for them. And I’ll address the federal deficit by doing more than holding press conferences. I’ll fight for much-needed improvements to critical infrastructure, fullly support the use of solar and wind energy to help keep our environment safe while helping create new green jobs right here in South Dakota.
Incumbent Kristi Noem, instead of pushing to create new jobs in South Dakota, has created a record during her two terms in Washington that allows her to now be identified as one of the most reliable “rubber stamps” for her political party. According to Open Congress and other sources, Rep. Noem votes with the National Republican Party more than 95% of the time. When I was in the military we didn’t ask people which party they most often agreed with before protecting their freedom. And when I’m traveling across South Dakota and talking to families still out of work, they don’t ask what political party a good idea comes from.

Frankly, I believe most South Dakota families and small businesses are as tired of the partisan gridlock in Washington as I am. It’s time to put South Dakota values, and South Dakota jobs, ahead of D.C. politics as usual.

Protecting our children, their schools and their futures

As a third generation South Dakotan, and the mother of three amazing sons, I believe investing in our children and their education is the single most important thing we can do to help ensure we all have the brightest possible future. Growing up in North Rapid, after my father died when I was young, I was lucky enough to frequently visit the Mother Butler Center and the Girl’s Club. My mother was an amazingly strong woman, and my family was blessed in many ways – but one of them was the additional safe haven I found at these places, where I was inspired and nurtured. 

That’s why incumbent politician Kristi Noem’s vote to arbitrarily cut federal funding by 25% across the board was so surprising to me – and so dangerous. I’ll be the first one to step up and cut back federal waste and reign in reckless federal spending – but not at the expense of our seniors, our veterans, Native Americans, and certainly not on the backs of our kids. Our teachers and our parents deserve more respect than they’ve been getting from Washington. And they deserve more help than they’ve been getting from Congresswoman Noem.

As our next member of Congress I’ll fight to boost early childhood education and invest in Head Start programs. I’ll fight to make sure more South Dakota students can afford to go to college, and I’ll fight to cut their crippling student load debts. If Washington, D.C. politicians continue to give billions of dollars in corporate welfare to international banks that can borrow money with zero interest, it’s time to cease charging South Dakota students sky-high interest rates..

A Veteran Fighting For Veterans

As a 25-year veteran of our armed services, including combat service, I personally understand the importance of military service and the sacrifice our troops and their families make every single day.

And I’m also incredibly proud that in South Dakota our brave men and women serve in support of our armed forces at a rate higher than the national average. Consequently,  we have more men and women to protect and serve in return.

It’s why I lent my voice early on to attend “Save the VA” meetings and those calling for a full investigation of the treatment our soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines were getting in our VA facilities. And it’s why I was at the front line calling on the Washington politicians to stop playing politics with our soldier’s lives: fingers can be pointed afterward our troops are safe and healthy. But until every man and woman in the armed services is getting top-quality care, we need to focus on what is truly important – protecting those who have protected us.

When men and women put their lives on the line to protect our country, they deserve no less than our best in return. It’s why the words homeless and veteran should never be used in the same sentence. It’s why votes like incumbent Kristi Noem’s to cut funding to veterans programs are so abhorrent. It’s why it’s high time we had one of our own representing South Dakota military families in Washington.

I was proud to fight for my country in uniform. And I’ll be honored to fight to protect our veterans as our next member of Congress.

A Soldier’s Pledge to Defend the Second Amendment

As I travel to the four corners of South Dakota, some families and small business owners are surprised to hear I spent my life as a soldier and sincerely understand the purpose of the second amendment ~ to provide for a militia in defense of our great nation.

As a mother, I proudly taught my sons the value of liberty and the great responsibilities that come with it: to pursue an education in order to gain the skills needed to provide for their personal needs, that of their families, and their communities as well as to fight to ensure that we remain safe from any attempts to erode our Constitutional Rights.

I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt in the American right to bear arms. As our next member of Congress, I’ll fight to protect and defend the second amendment of our great constitution.

Defending South Dakota Agriculture

Most South Dakota families know where their food comes from – largely one of the thousands of farms and ranches dotting our great state. Agriculture is South Dakota’s number one industry.

But you wouldn’t know that when our only member of Congress, Kristi Noem, left South Dakota ranchers and farmers and all those who depend on them out in the cold. When Kristi Noem sided with her Washington, D. C. political friends against South Dakotans by refusing to reauthorize the Farm Bill in 2012, thousands of farmers were left in the dark. Prices sky-rocketed, and as usual South Dakotan families paid the price for Washington politicians putting politics before people. Once again South Dakota families paid for Kristi Noem’s partisan gridlock while her family has received 3.4 million dollars over the past few years from federal subsidies.

As our next member of Congress, I’ll never forget South Dakota helps feed our great nation. I’m incredibly proud to come from a state of farmers and ranchers. It’s time to put South Dakota first again.